Bungee Jump & Skydive


1 day


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Looking to make your time at Camp South Africa even more AWESOME?

Try the ultimate adrenaline rush!

Bungee Jump for £79.00

  • Return transport to Bloukrans Bridge, the highest bridge in Africa!
  • One jump (one tends to be more than enough but you are welcome to do it again!)
  • Full safety briefing
  • The Bloukrans Bungy is the world’s highest commercial bungy bridge.
  • It is also the highest commercial natural bungy jump in the world.
  • Height – 216 metres
  • The bridge lies on the border between the Eastern and Western Cape of South Africa.
  • Several world record attempts have been conducted at the bridge, including the most successful number of bungy jumps completed within a 24 hour period (107 times!) and the oldest person to ever complete a bungy jump (96 years old!)

Skydive for £179.00

  • Return transport to Grahamstown
  • Tandem skydive from approx. 10,000 ft!
  • Full safety briefing
  • Memories for life!
  • Jumps take place every single day (weather dependant!)
  • Your skydive will take place over the coastline in the heart of the beautiful Garden Route, at the very bottom of the African continent.
  • True South African country hospitality is what to expect!
  • From a skydiving point of view, you can’t get a better location: the scenery is completely mind-blowing.
  • Enjoy the exhilarating feeling of free fall and the serenity of a parachute ride with the view of many world renowned game reserves below.

*To add an additional tour onto your booking just add this on your customer portal or get in touch with the Camp team on 0161 222 3780 🦒

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