Camp South Africa

Welcome to Camp South Africa 2021

Here at Camp South Africa, we promote a philosophy focused on a mantra of working hard, playing hard and making a positive impact.

Camp South Africa has earned an enviable reputation as one of the leading South African based Camp programs on the market. During your stay, youโ€™ll have a truly wonderful experience, work with incredible people and meet a whole host of friends whoโ€™ll stand the test of time; this is truly a phenomenal opportunity to revel in the beauty of one of the planetโ€™s most-loved countries.

Camp South Africa has three amazing programs, all of which we cannot wait to show you and get you involved with!

Why Camp South Africa?

Accommodation All Included

All accommodation included for the duration of your stay

Meals Included

With Camp South Africa you get 75% of meals included!

2 FREE Group Excursions

Included per intake (these may vary depending on date of travel)

Coach Sports

Coach sports to local children. Weโ€™ll sort the equipment you can bring the smile!


Make a huge positive impact to local communities and change lives for the better!

Dedicated Team

Our award-winning selected team is always there to help!

Come and join US

Luke's Review

"Iโ€™ve always wanted to coach children abroad and through Camp South Africa, I hoped I could inspire a child to enjoy sport even more and encourage them to concentrate on school too. Having always wanting to travel, Camp South Africa provided me with the perfect opportunity to do just that. One of the biggest differences that I found was the amount of spare time I had to carry out excursions with my friends."

Work hard, play hard, make impact

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