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Make a Positive Impact

Make a Positive Impact

What is Camp South Africa?

Here at Camp South Africa, we promote a philosophy focused on a mantra of working hard, playing hard and making a positive impact.

During your stay, you’ll have a truly wonderful experience, work with incredible people and meet a whole host of friends who’ll stand the test of time; this is truly a phenomenal opportunity to revel in the beauty of one of the planet’s most-loved countries. Camp South Africa has two amazing programmes, all of which we cannot wait to show you and get you involved with!

Coach Sports

Coach sports to local children. We’ll sort the equipment you can bring the smile!

Make an Impact

Make a huge positive impact to local communities.

Animal Conservation

Play an active role in preserving Africa’s incredible biodiversity.

What's Included?

What Do People Think?

Whilst Camp South Africa is a new programme take a look at some reviews from our sister brands Camp Thailand and Camp Bali.

£1 Deposits

*Across all payment plans.

Flexible Date Changes

FREE until 8 weeks before departure.

Pay at Your Own Pace

Balance due 8 weeks before departure.

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