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Post-Covid Travel

How we’re keepIng you Safe

So, Travel is back on the cards…

We know you’re just as excited as we are to get out and explore the world again, which is why over the last few months we’ve been putting a plan in place to ensure you can travel as soon as possible, as safely as possible, and with confidence!

When our trips start running again, we want to ensure that they do so with caution, and with all of the relevant health and safety precautions in regards to COVID-19. We will only be operating in countries where travel restrictions have been lifted and the virus is firmly under control and thus safe for our customers to visit. Simply, we will not be running any trips that put you at risk. These precautions are in place for a reason.

Post-Covid Travel Precautions

This document is designed to manage your expectations surrounding Post-Covid Travel and the precautions Camp.co.uk are taking to ensure you remain as safe as possible throughout your trip. These recommendations and precautions adapt across all of our operating countries. We will be following official guidelines from the countries we operate in, with regard to reopening international travel. Please be aware that enforcements will differ from country to country, but we will do our very best to keep you updated in the run up to your trip with us.

We’ve implemented revised health and safety procedures that cover you from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave camp, which is why it’s so important that you read this information carefully and prepare for your trip effectively. All of our procedures and travel advice is based on the FCO (Foreign Commonwealth Office) & WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines, who we’ve been in close contact with over the last 4 months.

What can YOU do to make your trip safe?

All Guests should purchase personal Travel Insurance with capacity to cover the unforeseeable and ongoing effects of COVID-19. Guests will also receive a ‘COVID-19 Safe Travel’ document with a list of recommendations and precautions prior to their group departure in preparation. With travel anywhere in the world at the moment, guests are expected to bring their own face-masks and hand-sanitiser for the duration of their stay. This is the expectation for your camp trip too.

What we’re doing to make your trip safe?

We’ve changed our policy on greetings on pickup day – all guests will now be greeted with no physical gestures, handshakes or hugs – smiling only. Don’t worry, our dedicated reps will still be wearing brightly coloured Camp T-shirts and smiling from ear-to-ear to provide a warm welcome! If luggage assistance is required throughout the trip, all contact area’s should be well sanitised afterwards.

Guests should expect some minor delays/disruptions on arrival in the airport and at certain accommodations as a result of random contactless temperature screening and health checks – it has to be done for everyone’s health and the continuous containment of the virus.

Over the last 4 months we’ve been in close contact with all our hotel partners and are working only with accommodation bases & activity providers who are taking detailed precautions when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation and general COVID-19 precautions. All hotel/hostel/homestay rooms will be deep cleaned prior to check in.

Throughout Your Trip

Your guides, tour leaders and Camp representatives will be wearing face masks wherever possible for their own safety and the safety of all customers. They’ll also be equipped with sanitiser and masks in the event that you forget your own (although we ask that all steps are taken to ensure this is avoided as much as possible). Masks should be worn on all public transport, including minivans and private cars.

We advise all customers to use a refillable water bottle rather than purchasing from shops & supermarkets and please DO NOT share with others – even people you’re travelling with.

On arrival to some restaurants and activities, some sites may expect you to perform a routine temperature check and use sanitiser as a precaution before entering/taking part – try not to worry about this, again it’s just a necessary precaution to ensure the containment of the virus. If at any time, you feel unwell and show symptoms of COVID-19 (high temperature, persistent cough, loss of taste and smell), you will be taken back to your hotel room and the correct authorities will be contacted to handle the situation appropriately. All of our Camp representatives are first aid trained and will be on hand to help and advise.

Changes to your itinerary?

Please note that some tours may be adjusted/adapted to ensure the compliance with in-country guidelines as to avoid transmission. Things may not always be the same as detailed in the provided itinerary, as situations change daily. Rest assured, we will do our very best to ensure all activities and tours are provided as close to normality as possible! Our dedicated reps will choose the best time to visit tourist hotspots so we can avoid large crowds and are safely able to social distance and adhere to each in-countries requirements. In the unlikely event that there are any major changes to your itinerary, we will be sure to keep you updated and replace it with an activity of equal value – and we’ll only do this if we feel it is the safest thing to do!

Our Team & Dedicated Reps

Our team is on hand to help! We know you may feel a little apprehensive travelling for the first time under the current circumstances, which is why our team and dedicated travel representatives are always on hand to help. Our team are experts at what they do, and nobody knows more about travel than we do! All Camp.co.uk staff will have enhanced training in how to carry out their role using effective social distancing measures. They will go through an additional training period prior to running tours again so they’re fully equipped to deal with each and every possible situation. We are constantly working to maximise our knowledge surrounding COVID-19 and make sure that we are ready to tour our amazing destinations safely again. And…we can’t wait to have you onboard!

Still have questions or concerns? Feel free to drop our friendly team a call on 01612223780 and we’d be happy to help, as always!


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Stay Safe, 

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