Johannesburg Travel Tips: Ideal Post Camp Travel

Johannesburg is the is the biggest city in South Africa, with a population of over 1 million. It is also one of the top 50 largest urban areas in the world. This bustling destination should definitely be part of your post camp travel! Check out our list of Johannesburg travel tips, including the best things to do whilst you’re in the city.


Like many places in South Africa, Johannesburg offers a wealth of amazing wildlife tours. Embark on the safari of your choice to see some amazing animals in their natural habitat. You could be driving through herds of elephants, galloping alongside antelopes or even exploring lion territory!


South Africa has a long and interesting history in regards to its road to democracy. Johannesburg offers some key places that will open any traveller’s eyes to this intriguing tale. A trip to Constitution Hill will allow you to see where the now heroes, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi were imprisoned last century. Guided tours around the historical site are available, so you can get an expert explanation of all that occurred on the famous ConHill.

If you want to delve deeper into South African culture, the city holds some amazing museums. The Apartheid Museum shows the struggles of people of colour before South Africa became the diverse and accepting nation it is today. You could also visit the Planetarium, the Beer Museum or the Museum of Transport!


If you’re a fan of cityscapes, the Top of Africa should definitely be on your list of activities. From this towering high rise, you can see for miles over the expanse of Joburg and its surrounding areas. It’s a perfect photo opportunity to show your friends at home the city!

Once you’ve seen all that Johannesburg has to offer, why not further your adventure? Take a ride on the world famous Gautrain if you want to visit other places in Gauteng province. It’s a clean, comfortable way to travel around the province. It’s the perfect way for you to extend your post camp exploration!

Camp South Africa Review 2017 | Luke

Check out Luke’s Camp South Africa review from his experience with us back in June! We love hearing from our applicants, it’s great to know how much they’ve enjoyed their time in camp. Email us at if you want to share your Camp story!

Expectations Vs Reality

‘I’ve always wanted to coach children abroad and through Camp South Africa, I hoped I could inspire a child to enjoy sport even more and encourage them to concentrate on school too. Having always wanting to travel, Camp South Africa provided me with the perfect opportunity to do just that. I thought I’d be volunteering 5 days a week with around 10 other volunteers. One of the biggest differences that I found was the amount of spare time I had to carry out excursions with my friends. Also, I found that there were many more volunteers than I had initially expected.


The highlight of my coaching experience was seeing the children enjoying sport the way it should be. Seeing children with outstanding talent, good behaviour and commitment to the session was also amazing. The people are definitely what I’ll miss most from my Camp South Africa experience. I’ve been surprised by how much I already miss the children, staff members and volunteers! I didn’t think that you could create such a strong and lasting connection with people over short 4 weeks.

What I’ve Learned

I have learned and witnessed more in South Africa than I ever thought I would. Experiencing first-hand the traditional singing and dancing, as well as the strong religious background in South Africa, has changed my perspective on life and other cultures. Furthermore, seeing the living conditions and facilities at schools in the townships has shown me how fortunate I am. I’ve been able to learn to be versatile when coaching or teaching of conditions whether it was weather, pitch or equipment related.

In The Future

I’ll be sure to return because I believe the work the charity carries out in the townships must continue. It is so important as it provides the children with an opportunity to further themselves in all aspects of life. I would completely recommend that others go and have the same wonderful experience as I have!


Finally, I would like to thank the Camp South Africa team so much for all the help!’


  • Luke, Camp South Africa Participant 2017