Beautiful South Africa

South Africa, there is no place quite like it. It’s scenery combined with incredible wildlife is a combination that everyone must see at least once in their lifetime.

Although improvements have been made in many of South Africa’s institutions, it’s education system is unfortunately still lacking in many areas and this is most clear to see within South Africa’s Townships and Northern Areas. Despite improvements to the national curriculum, sport is still not included within it. As a result of this, sport during the school day has become a priviledge only given to those attending what are known as Former Model C schools, and thus is not available to children within these communities.

Whether it be helping them learn English, Maths or aiding in sporting activities, this is where Camp South Africa comes in and helps make Nelson Mandela’s dreams of every child receiving some sort of coaching become a reality.



Camp South Africa – What Does It Involve?

We offer applicants the chance to join us in this incredible country and coach sports such as;

–       Netball

–       Football

–       Rugby

–       Cricket

–       Swimming (Summer months only)

–       Tennis

–       Field Hockey

Applicants will be working in schools from Monday to Friday, coaching, organizing tournaments, and even teaching children how to play in teams and get everyone involved in the game. Applicants play a direct role in helping a child be selected for the Junior School of Excellence programme, which is run entirely by the amazing partner charity we support down in Port Elizabeth. You can even bring your own equipment from home; anything that you think will make these sessions even more enjoyable.

Not too sporty? We always need volunteers to help teach English and Maths in the schools.  There is even the chance to get involved in other subjects such as Drama, Geography or any other specialist subject you have experience in, meaning you can bring even more skills and experience to the classroom!


Camp is a great balance of work and fun. Evenings and weekends are yours to explore and do as you please; grab a surf lesson at the beach, road trip along the Garden Route or have a go on a bungee swing!

Our intakes run all year round, meaning it’s not just a Summer project. Check out the dates available HERE

Our Legacy

Sport as a normal part of the school week may be something that we take for granted here in the UK, but is not a normality for these children. By bringing sport to schools in South Africa, not only does it give these children a break from the monotony of the classroom and a chance to freely enjoy themselves within a safe environment, but it encourages their confidence to grow and teaches them skills that open brand new doors to opportunity in their further education.

We at Camp South Africa want to support the movement to help make sport a normal part of every child’s curriculum, no matter what type of school they attend or where. There is no greater feeling than seeing one of the children you have been coaching getting selected for a scholarship at a high level secondary school thanks to your support. You really can go home knowing you have truly made a difference in a child’s life.

So, if you want to do something truly inspiring that will leave an ever lasting affect on the people of South Africa in an outstanding location, then add Camp South Africa to your bucket list now. You will not regret it!