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Camp South Africa specialises in providing Activity Coaches and a number of teachers to township schools in beautiful South Africa. Unbelievably Sport is not yet on the national curriculum in South Africa, and so without the help of people like you, yes you, they would not get the chance to have sport as part of their day. After all it was Nelson Mandela’s ambition to help kids from South Africa have their lives impacted by fun activities and created a new hope. Activities such as sport and teaching at Camp South Africa can make all the difference in their development. How cool is that?

Just one hour of activities such as sport, albeit once a week during school may seem tiny to most of us, but not only does it give these kids a break from the monotomy of the everyday classroom and a chance to freely enjoy themselves in an ultra safe environment, but ultimately it allows their confidence to grow and teaches them skills that open doors in their education. Many kids within South Africa’s Townships do not go on to attend secondary school, and those that do, will most likely attend secondary schools within the Townships and are likely to not receive the best education due to the lack in funding. This is where we come in!

Camp South Africa - AmeriCamp

As part of Camp South Africa, you can help organise an inter-school tournament every few months and this is the perfect stage for kids all across the region to showcase their newly learnt skills, and for scouts to spot talent for a potential scholarship. Believe us, there is no greater feeling in the world at Camp South Africa than seeing one of the children you have been coaching getting selected for a scholarship at a high level secondary school. To be blunt you can go home knowing you have truly made a difference in a kid’s life. You simply cannot put a price on that kind of feeling and it something we are so proud of here at Camp South Africa.

 So… if you are looking for the perfect gap year destination or trip away then what better than making a real difference to a community that needs it while having the adventure of a lifetime. South Africa is definitely a country not to miss, and with Sky Dives, Safari’s, Bungee Jumps and beaches on your doorstep, what more could you want?