Top Five Sports In South Africa

With Camp South Africa, you have the chance to teach your favourite sport to some wonderful kids. Have you ever wondered what the most popular sports in the country are?



In South Africa, the most popular form of rugby is Rugby Union, which is played all over the country by people of all ages. For years, rugby has been a huge part of the culture in South Africa. The entire nation comes together to support their national team, the Springboks. Currently, the Springboks are world #5 but in their 125 years as a team, they’ve been world #1 three times and never been any lower than #7!



The South African national team are currently #2 in the world for test match cricket, and the world #1 for one day international cricket. They were the first ever country to host the ICC World Twenty20 in 2007. Cricket has been played in South Africa since 1888!  




Known as soccer in South Africa, it is another one of the country’s favourite sports. The top 16 clubs play in the Premier Division, which is much like our own Premier League. The Bidvest Wits are the current reigning champs, after winning the 2016/17 season. Of course, everyone loves a good kick around in school too! 



We all love our tennis here in the UK, especially when Wimbledon comes around! Kevin Anderson is the No.1 Tennis player in South Africa, he got through to the 4th round of the English grand slam this month.




Last but definitely not least, many South Africans enjoy a good swim. This isn’t surprising considering the beautiful beaches available to enjoy around the coast! In the 2016 Olympic Games, South Africa took home three silver medals for their swimming prowess.

With Camp South Africa, you have the opportunity to coach all these sports and more. You’ll have the best summer of your life whilst gaining some amazing experience and enriching the lives of some wonderful kids!