Read All About Susan’s Fundraising Event for Camp

On Wednesday 8th March, Camp South Africa participant Susan Deacon held a fundraising event in McCooley’s Irish Bar, Liverpool.

Susan, from Eglinton, Northern Ireland, is currently in her 3rd year at Liverpool John Moore’s. She will be joining us this Summer as part of our July 15th intake; the busiest in Camp South Africa history.

Claire pic

Susan with Claire from Camp South Africa HQ, who will also be at Camp this July!

Susan co-organised the event with her rugby team, Liverpool John Moore’s Women’s Rugby. They invited many other sports teams from the university, making it a way for all of the teams to come together. Teams in attendance included the Women’s rugby, women’s lacrosse, men’s cricket and women’s football!

The fundraiser was South African themed, with those in attendance dressing up as animals and safari rangers. Some of the best dressed on the night included penguins, elephants and zebras! A raffle was held with over 200 tickets sold. Prizes consisted of VIP entry in to local Liverpool clubs, Camp South Africa goodies, rugby balls and more.

As a result of all her hard work, night raised over £130. This means Susan is well on her way to the £500 target to support her trip down to South Africa!

To see this many people, and students at that, give so generously to a cause like this warms the heart. I am so proud to be a part of this university and can not wait to get down to Port Elizabeth and help to really make a difference!”

Susan is also planning to do some of her fundraising at home in Derry, with plans to take part in the Walled City Marathon in June. She is also hoping to hold another event at home, with friends and family showing their support to the charity.


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